Think Quick and Do The Right Thing

Recently I read a story in the news about a teenage boy who saved an elderly woman that had fallen on a train track. When interviewed, he said that he hadn’t done anything special. It was just quick thinking and doing the right thing. The woman who’s life was in danger had a very different viewpoint. The boy had given her the greatest gift: her life.

So, think quick and do the right thing now by gifting a personalized Greatest Strengths report to someone that needs a helping hand with their career.

The Greatest Strengths Report describes what a person is good at in an easy to understand, descriptive outline. The assessment measures 175 factors including task preferences, motivations, interests, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences so that a person will truly KNOW who they are.

For only $18 and a few minutes, you can visit to gift a self-assessment using Harrison Assessments™ advanced technology to pinpoint their greatest strengths.

Don’t hesitate. Doing what’s right might make a huge difference in someone’s life.